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Gâteau de mariage et Flûtes à champagne sur table

Our products

The brand Hermione Queen undertakes to choose and propose high quality products.

The wines are matured in vats and small oak barrels with at least three years of aging in total darkness. The assembly of wines is of crucial importance, we speak of finesse and subtlety, resulting in these singular Champagnes of winegrowers.


Champs verts

The domain

Located on the Côte des Bar in the south of Champagne, the vineyards are grown in the tiny villages of Loches-sur-Ource, Noé-les-Mallets and Chacenay.

Each plot, each hillside with a well-defined name, is the object of all the attention and the winegrowers assume highly reasoned environmental practices.

Vignes de raisin rouge


A particular climate

The Champagne terroir is distinguished from other terroirs by its geographical location on a northern latitude and by its dual climatic, oceanic and continental influence.

The limestone subsoil

The characteristic of the Champagne terroir also resides in its subsoil. Its predominantly limestone composition provides the vines with constant natural irrigation.

The essential role of relief

The relief plays an essential role in the insolation of the vine and the flow of excess water.


A real personality

The diversity of nature creates infinite variations in the Champagne region. The three major components – climate, subsoil, relief – create specific combinations unique to each parcel of vines.

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